What if you didn't have to write an essay
for a chance to learn how to fly? 

What if you didn't have to submit 
an application of your whole life story 
to a bunch of out-of-touch strangers?
What if there was a way to throw your hat in the ring

with a simple photo?

The Copperstate Fly-In M
is to break down the barriers to entry
into general aviation for everyone.
Whatever your aspirations, 

the Copperstate Fly-In Photo Contest
is an equal opportunity to 
pursue your dream.

For Who: 
General Public,
Copperstate Fly-In Supporters,
Aviation Community,

Social Followers

First Prize:
40 of Aircraft Rental
Red Rock Flight School

$6,000 Value

Second Prize:
Check Ride of Your Choice
Aviation Examiner of Your Choice
$800 Value

Third Prize:
Written Exam of Your Choice
at the 
Facility of Your Choice
$200 Value 

Accepting Entries
September 15, 2022 - November 30, 2022

Public Voting Starts
December 1, 2022 - February 17, 2023

Vote Here

Prizes Announced
February 18, 2023  

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