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Copperstate Fly-In Educational Programs

Answering Questions and Keeping Supporters Informed

Why donors have reservations about contributing?

As the saying goes, honesty is the best policy. People want to trust that their donations are going toward a legitimate cause. Become part of the Copperstate Fly-In journey and complete the donation tracking form.

Some may worry they can’t afford to give a large enough donation to make a difference. The Copperstate Fly-In is addressing this concern by providing specific information and fixed expenses of the Educational Programs that can be paid with small donations.

The Current Situation
The Copperstate Fly-In is exhausting all of its resources to provide opportunities, guidance, and skills for the next generation of the aviation and aerospace industries.

The Reason Why We Are Fundraising
It seems obvious why fundraising is important, but there are so many other benefits besides the obvious. This has a much greater impact on society than people might realize. The Copperstate Fly-In teaches participants to appreciate what they have and to understand that they have the ability to succeed and help others. 

Desired outcome of the Educational Programs
Fundraising is so much more than raising funds. It is developing an organization into a high functioning, networked, sustainable, impactful force for community good. Participants of the Educational Programs will be expected to perform with a curriculum that is challenging, meticulous, and effective.  

The Copperstate Fly-In is committed to become part of the solution to the problems the aviation community and industry faces, and cordially invites you to join the cause.

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